What Does it Mean to be a Lady Quite Contrary?

 The Heart of Lady Quite Contrary


The heart of Lady Quite Contrary is to encourage and to equip women to live counter culturally for Jesus Christ and to grow in deeper love and passion for Him.

We live in a world where claiming Christianity is hard enough with our society screaming their anti-God anthem in our ears constantly, but being a woman who is totally, passionately and undividedly sold out for Christ doesn’t just seem impossible – it’s terrifying.

The cost to live for Christ is great.

To abandon the pursuit of worldly success and pleasure would quickly label us as freaks.  Very few, if any would be able to understand how or why we would seemingly sacrifice so much for a God that is invisible.

The fact of the matter is – living for Jesus is crazy to this world.

That is why; out of fear of being an extremist or of sticking out, we often choose to safely blend in to the crowd.  We mutter our prayers under our breaths and hope nobody asks us if we’re busy Sunday morning so we don’t have to have the uncomfortable and embarrassing, “Oh… so you’re a Christian?” moment.

Our faith has become an accessory that we casually wear on occasion, instead of the indentifying marker of our being.

But what would it look like if we started acting like God was real?

What kind of women would we be if we didn’t just talk about Jesus, but we really knew Him intimately?

What kind of difference could we make in other’s lives, if we actually let Jesus change our lives?

I believe that deep down inside, we are all secretly wondering if there is more to this life than what this world offers.  I also believe that many of us have become sadly desensitized to the message of the Cross.  Somewhere between Sunday school and Starbucks Jesus became little more than a figurehead, and any notion of a passionate, intimate, growing relationship with Him is an unreachable, far off concept.

Or maybe for some of us, we have become so accustomed to a safe, status quo life filled with fun Church activities and Bible studies that we have forgotten what it’s like to have God really rock our worlds and require us to step out in faith.  “Following Jesus” has become so second nature and routine that we have actually lost sight of the reality of His presence in our lives.

I don’t know about you, but my heart has grown weary of the safe, shallow, non impactful version of Christianity that has become so commonplace today.  I want Jesus to really make a difference in my life.  I want to be a woman who stands against the culture and allows the love of Christ to be the marker that identifies me.

If you got a taste of the adventure of radically abandoning all, and passionately pursuing Christ, would it change you?

If you dared to let His reality alter your world?

Or if you caught a glimpse of the beauty that comes from becoming a woman completely and utterly transformed by Christ, would you let Him transform you?

I hope you will, and as you go through the pages on this blog I pray we discover together what riches God has for those who passionately pursue Him!

Join me as we dive into what it means to be a Lady Quite Contrary!

In this upcoming series we will break down the core of what this blog is all about and what it means to be women who truly embrace the adventure of walking with Christ!

Stay tuned as we learn that a Lady Quite Contrary:

  • Builds Her Existence Around Christ
  • Centers Her Inner Person on Christ
  • Dedicates Her Outer Person to Being Service Oriented
  • Lives a Life Breathed in Faith
  • Pursues an Intentional Life

Any woman, regardless of age, stage, personality or occupation is invited to join me on this journey!

May the Lord use this series to cause us to be bored with the safety of blending in and courageously pursue the sweet adventure of knowing Him!