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My Passion Quote

My name is Heather Faria!  Welcome to my little place on the web!

I’m a girl who looks normal at first glance, but is actually pretty odd on the inside.


I married a wonderful man that is just as odd as I am and together we make quite the happy, contrary pair!  We have a sweet little boy and love our life that is full of its many misfit adventures!

I’m happiest when strolling through a home décor store, am a little obsessed with floral print anything, and often imagine myself having epic adventures when I find myself in any place of beauty and/or history.   (As Anne Shirley would say, “A place with so much scope for the imagination!”  We’re such kindred spirits.) I love long, intimate conversations with good friends, hosting anything from a small get together to an elaborate party or event, and ending my day by diving into a good book! I enjoy restoring furniture, preparing delicious and nutritious meals for my family and think vacations are best spent learning and experiencing.  (I can relax when I’m dead!)

Besides the fact my hobbies and interests totally reflect my inner nerd, I’ve just never fit into the common mold for girls my age.  I have a tendency to go against the societal grain when it comes to my faith and lifestyle.  (For example, getting married at 19 and having my first baby by 21.  Not exactly typical behavior for these days!)

For a long time I struggled with this contrary aspect of myself.  I tried masking it in order to appear normal, and when that didn’t work; I tried exploiting it like it was a virtue.  Recently however, God has been revealing to me the beauty in embracing my oddities and giving me the courage to live shamelessly.

At this point in my life, shameless living means removing the pretty, fake masks that I have become so good at using to camouflage my weirdness with.  (Or have I? Haha!)

It means being honest about the messiness in my heart.

It means not keeping the passion inside me quiet any longer and being brave enough to speak out without caring what others are thinking.

You see, as much as I’ve always longed to be a normal person and blend in, I want to live radically even more.  I’ve always had this voice screaming inside of me saying, “Be brave!  Go against the grain!  Leave a legacy!”  Because more than anything in this world, I want to leave a legacy.

But the fear of standing out, the discomfort of leaving my…well, comfort zone has always left me paralyzed with anxiety.

Now I realize that standing out is not something to be feared but something to embrace.  In fact, to take it further, I firmly believe that authentic, zealous living is only found in traveling down a very unpopular road.  The difference between this unpopular road and all other roads is that traveling down this road will not result in awe inspiring tales that make me look really good.  This road is not about me at all.

It’s about Him.

A legacy of a life lived for myself means nothing and would only bring fear, insecurity, and if I’m lucky, temporary praise from people who don’t really matter.  I realize that it would be so much easier and safer to just mesh with the culture and be like everyone else.   To wear my masks and make my life into pretty pictures so everyone will think well of me.  

But that’s not what I want.  That’s not who I am.

Elisabeth Elliot once said,

“The preoccupations of young women don’t seem to change from generation to generation.  Their looks their clothes, their social life.  But in every generation there seem to be a few who make other choices.” 

I want to be one of the few that Elisabeth mentioned above.  I want to choose other things.  If that means being weird, or contrary, or whatever, then so be it.  I choose Christ.

Comfort Zone

Because I know what it means to truly live, and it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

It is my prayer that the words that you read here will cause you to thirst for and seek after a life that goes against the grain.  I pray that you become bored with the safety of blending in, and that you find courage to become a culture changer.

I pray that your restless, weary heart finds life.

Dare to be quite contrary.

Much Love,




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  1. michelle king says:

    Ever since you and I met I knew God was going to use you amazingly and he is. You have a heart for women and we can feel it. Your writing is so relate able and real. This is exactly what every blogger strives to achieve, and you have mastered it. Thank you for taking off the mask so many if us struggle to keep in place and for letting God break up your normalcy. I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us readers;-)

    • Heather Faria says:

      Michelle, that means so much more than you know! Thank you for being so encouraging and such an amazing friend!

  2. Ruth Clemence says:

    Hi Heather :) Just came across your website from Young Wife’s Guide. Love your website and your oddities! I am 24, I married last year and I am seeking to be a freelance writer. Currently working at the hospital, but desiring to spend more time at home, being a homemaker and a writer. Do you ever battle with the stay at home wife/mom vs. having a paid job? I am just curious… Praying for God’s wisdom in this, as it is hard going against the flow of culture. I just want to do God’s will and look after my family! I look forward to hearing more from you.

    Blessings in Christ,

    Ruth :)

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